My name is Amy, a thirty-something professional who lives in the Carolinas. I have an active toddler and a software engineer husband. We have moved several times since I graduated from law school, so I’ve taken the bar exam in three different states. Thankfully, I passed each time. I’m proud of the fact that I’m the stereotype people assume from Iowa: a girl raised on a hog farm in the middle of many corn fields.

I constantly find myself asking others, have you heard about [insert random topic here]? I love sharing my finds and helping others discover things to make life easier. My goal is to share these things with all my friends–even if I have never met you, you count too.

Survival only has happened with caffeine. I have a stressful and demanding job, but I love my industry. My guess is I’m not alone in that. I try to make my house look like two adults live in it, but I have some serious design goals that I have yet to meet. I’ve had the roughest year in my life. But hopefully what I’ve learned can help you too.

I do want to be clear, nothing I say on this blog is legal advice, and is entirely my own opinion, unless I specify whose opinion I’m spouting. I will always disclose at the top of my posts if it is a sponsored post.

I want to share the things I’ve found, tell you about my experiences, and get your feedback on how to achieve the golden unicorn: work-life balance. Come along for the ride.

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