Dancing shoes

Okay, not really dance shoes. But they are so comfy that I could…

First off, I do have an affiliate link for this product. Because quite frankly, I want more. But it is only good for the first couple (!) pairs of shoes that I buy, so please leave a comment that you ordered your own AND your own referral link. That way we can all share the love!

I had been hearing about a brand of shoes that felt like a sock. I finally took the plunge (AKA gave in) and am so glad I did. I love my Rothy’s.


I went for the Rothy’s black Point flat because I always have felt more professional with a pointed toe when wearing flats. I recognize that is not true and often wear different style shoes to work. But I do feel like I get an extra “boost” in my step with pointed shoes.

My next pair will likely be a round-toe version called “the flat”, but I also am tempted by the loafer. I’ll let you know how it goes. The round sells for $125, and the pointe sells for $145. The loafers go for $165. I also purchased an extra pair of insoles.

Rothy’s are made out of recycled water bottles, so even though they are on the pricer side of shoes, you are helping out the environment. They also feel like socks. If you have oddly shaped feet these are the shoes for you as they do feel like they stretch with the shape of my foot. The worst part of them is that they are also like socks. My sweet feet sweat. I can’t help it. So after a couple days of wearing them, my feet and my shoes are no longer so sweet. I have been wearing these flats to work for several months and this has really been the only downside.

I do my fair share of laundry (toddler, need I say any more?) but it is easy to throw them into the washing machine for a quick run on the delicate cycle once I get home. I actually drop them off in the washer on my way to change out of my clothes from work. Then when I put my daughter to bed, or go to bed myself, I set them out to dry overnight. Then they are ready to wear for the next day. I do switch out the insoles to avoid having to wash the shoes too often.

As I said above, feel free to use my affiliate link, but please post that you did and then share your own! I will receive $20 off my next pair if you use my link, and you will receive $20 off of your shoes by using my link!

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