Here comes the sun (do-do-do-do)

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We used to live in the Seattle area, so we really only worried about the sun a few months out of the year. Now that we are in the Carolinas, I can feel the sun burning my pale skin even on my commute. Ouch.


I have been trying different sunscreens this year. I got into the habit last summer to apply a lotion that included a sunscreen in the car to my arms and legs. Currently, I’m using Hempz Daily Body Moisturizer plus SPF 30. I wish that it had a higher SPF, but it has been good so far. I keep it in my door well and apply while sitting in the gridlock that is Charlotte traffic (I pretty much live on I-77). I wouldn’t use it if I was actually out in the sun as my primary sunblock, but it’s good for in the car and heading to work.

I have been trying a few different sunblocks for my face. I’m a fan of tinted sunblocks (one less step in the morning). My previous favorite CC cream has been discontinued, so I am slowly trying everything.

One of my current favorites is Coola’s Unscented SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer. This goes on in the morning before I do any makeup. It is amazing to me how “dry” it goes on. It’s a matte finish, and it has none of the greasy feel some sunblocks or moisturizers have. I use this as my weekday moisturizer, as I sit in an office all day and am really only outside for my commute. Maybe I’ll get outside to walk for lunch, but I don’t count on it.

This is my “likely will spend some time in the sun” moisturizer. I will put this on in the morning on the weekend or if I am planning on walking to lunch that day. Or taking my husband’s vehicle that has a sunroof. The Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 claims to protect my skin from a lot. Which is great, but it’s pricey so I don’t use it every day.

You can see here the color difference. Both claim to be the light tint, but the Murad on the left is lighter and pinker. The Coola on the right is much more yellow. I rubbed in both right below though, and you can barely see the Murad and can’t see the Coola at all. My face is much lighter than my hands (I blame it on my commute) hence the Murad still working well on my face.

My mom has been telling me about the SkinCeuticals sunblock so I may try that next. None of these replace my regular sunblock when I go outside with C, this is only for everyday life that is mostly shielded from the intense Southern sun. Do you have a favorite sunblock I should try? What do you like about it? Please share in the comments on this post!

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