Always starting over

It amazes me how before trying to have kids I was always worried about getting pregnant. Then when you do try to get pregnant, it feels impossible. Why did I worry so much about it before?

We are actively trying now. I log into my Glow app daily, just to look at how much closer I am to the ovulation window. Which is ridiculous… I’m only one day closer than the last time I looked.

When we first considered having kids, I started tracking my periods with Glow. After a month or two of actually trying, I then started tracking my basal body temp and did ovulation tests. Once I had some science to help, we were blessed with C.

For the next time, I went off of Mirena in November, but we decided to start trying at the beginning of the year. I was surprised that the pregnancy test immediately showed two lines. I don’t think I was quite prepared, as it had taken a few months with C. But I started to get excited (and attached) to the pregnancy as I completed the first trimester. For more on this experience, see my previous post.

Once we received the go-ahead from my doctor, I was eager to start trying again. Out came the Glow app, and I did ovulation tests to confirm I ovulated. I had read a few materials that said I may not ovulate for a round or two after a pregnancy, but thankfully that did not prove to be true.

After our last pregnancy, I decided to throw the “not telling anyone” out the window. The week of Aunt Flo (AF) I was so eager to take a pregnancy test. It’s SO hard to wait. My husband’s family was visiting for the weekend, so I took the first test on Sunday. AF wasn’t supposed to show up until Friday, but I would have loved to tell them in person. We don’t live near family, so we’ve previously told people via FaceTime. I thought, this is just early. I’ll try later in the week.

I gave in on Wednesday. Another one line result–I use the First Response tests. At that point I felt like I should have been able to receive a positive test at that point, so I went ahead and had a glass of wine that evening. Lovely AF did arrive on Friday.

So now we start from scratch again. I am a planner, so I’m looking up what month the baby would be born if we do get pregnant this month. I’m enjoying lots of wine and margaritas in the evenings just in case this is the last time for the next year.

I have not paid for the premium version of Glow, but that may change after a few months. I know there are a lot of great features in the premium version, but so far the free version has been great for tracking what I’ve needed. Hopefully we’ll get lucky ☺️ this time.

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