Summer breeze, makes me feel fine

We took a weekend trip down to Hilton Head Island and it happened to fall on my birthday. Let me tell you, this was the best birthday weekend for a VERY long time. Granted, the last two birthdays I was either pregnant or breastfeeding/studying for a bar exam… but we had the most amazing weekend. It felt like an actual vacation.

It was a great drive down from the Charlotte area. We have driven down to Charleston before, and left right before C’s naptime so two of the hours in the car are taken up with her afternoon nap. Thankfully, she slept for 3 of the 4 hours of the drive. The rest she either colored or watched Frozen.

We stayed at the Westin Hilton Head in the Port Royal Plantation area of the island. The first thing we did after dropping off our stuff in the room was to get a round of drinks and walk out to the ocean. This place is right on the ocean, and the beach is wonderful.


Hilton has wonderful areas, such as Harbor Town and Sea Pines. There are bike paths and golf courses everywhere. Next time we will do all those things, but this time we stayed at the resort. The. Whole. Weekend. It was fabulous.

The resort has a couple restaurants on site, one of those being outdoors and overlooking the pool area. We ate there most of the weekend, as it was easy to entertain C, or one of us would take her for a walk around the boardwalk and the other person would enjoy their drink solo.


We bought a giant blow-up unicorn and became one of the favorite families at the pool as we let all of the kids take turns. I was pretty proud of the decision to bring it and buy a pump that I could plug in instead of attempting to blow it up myself. As I walked with it to the pool, pretty much every kid squealed with delight and the adults oohed and ahhed. It was great.


I was able to celebrate my birthday by going to the pool in the morning, a solo trip to Target and Starbucks, spent several hours at the spa (it was amazing), have dinner with my family, then enjoy smores overlooking the pool. Close friends of mine will tell you how much I love s’mores. They are one of my favorite desserts. I need a bit of chocolate every day, and a s’more is my usual hit in the evening if I haven’t had anything else. I hadn’t shared them with C yet, and it was a special moment to see her enjoy one for the first time.

While sitting around the fire, we chatted with a lovely lady there with her grandkids. They live in a condo on a golf course on the island but buy day passes to the Westin resort to go to the beach and the pools. Nate and I agree that on future trips (if at AirBnB or somewhere else) we would likely spend at least one day at the Westin.


During my several hours at the spa, C took a 3.5-hour nap. Which destroyed bedtime. So I ended up taking the umbrella stroller and walking her around the boardwalk late into the evening. I eventually succeeded, but she just wanted more vacation.


Just soak in that beach and sun. Goodness. We spent the next morning at the beach until we got too hot. C was not a fan of waves but liked the sand. Since the waves freaked her out it was hard to stay cool even with a beach tent. So we ended up packing up all of the beach gear and headed back to one of the pools. I really liked how the Westin had three pools, and one of those is completely shaded while still outside. Especially after the intense sun on the beach.

We took turns heading back to the room to pack everything up and get ready to leave. Neither of us really wanted to be the person to pull C from the water. She enjoyed the pools, she enjoyed watching the fish in the fish pond by the lobby, she enjoyed playing in the sand… that girl had a fabulous weekend. We did too, and already can’t wait for the next time we go to HHI. Next time we’ll actually venture out of the resort to see the rest of the island.

Where is your favorite getaway location? Any tips for our next HHI weekend?

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