One more cup of coffee for the road

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You knew this was coming, right? A blog with caffeine in the title is going to have a post on coffee makers. I am not picky about how my coffee is made… I don’t own a french press or one of those fancy drip coffee makers. I wouldn’t mind someone else making that coffee, especially if they are sharing! But I just don’t have the time. We have Keurigs and Nespresso VertuoLine in our house. I can throw in a pod or coffee grounds, and no other work required.

Back in the day, I worked as a Westlaw rep in law school. Two years of helping people craft their search terms and I was able to use my points for a Keurig coffee maker. The sleep-deprived student heading into the bar exam couldn’t have been less thrilled. I feel an intense loyalty to that machine. I packed it up and moved it to Seattle, then across the country again to the Carolinas. It literally got me through planning a wedding and three bar exams. You could say we have a history.


My old, reliable Keurig between bar exams 2 and 3.

Nate is not a big Keurig fan, but he enjoys his Nespresso machine. For me, the coffee is too strong but is perfect when I make it over ice with a dash of creamer. He is more into the utility of coffee and prefers espresso. I like all the things–the taste, the act of drinking the cup, and especially the caffeine.

Recently, my trusted Keurig started to have issues. It was such an old version there were only two cycle types, and my attempts to clean it were starting to seem like they were failing. After searching for new ways to ensure it was clean, I became convinced that at this point in its age, there was no hope of fully cleaning it and restoring it to its original beauty. Then I got really excited after seeing the newer features that Keurig offered.


The long goodbye. I didn’t move my old Keurig for weeks and felt like I was cheating on it every morning.


I ended up ordering the Keurig K400 series and while I feel bad for my trusty-old Keurig, I have enjoyed the transition. The multitude of sizes is great (4 oz through 12 oz) but the greatest part for me is the carafe. I don’t use the carafe during the week – I need the single serving to fill either my mug or travel mug for the car. But on the weekends its great to make a carafe and have multiple cups. I have not used the K-Carafe pods, but instead bought a pod I could fill with my own coffee grounds. If you’ve seen my Instagram feed, you probably already know that I’m a big fan of Starbucks coffee.

I did not go the extra difference for the Keurig K500 series because of a couple things:

  • I have a faucet in the room where I keep my Keurig (laundry room), so the extra 10 oz in the water reservoir doesn’t make much of a difference to me.
  • I was used to the “old fashioned” way of getting hot water from the Keurig, so a hot water button wasn’t necessary. But this was probably the thing that made me really think about going the extra step.

At the time I purchased mine (in January) the K400 series was cheaper but is strangely more expensive— at $143 vs. $149. Depending on where you purchase the Keurig, it may be K425, K475, etc. But the instruction manual will say K400 series for all of them.

I do feel like I have to note that I love tea as well. There is an entire (unorganized) shelf in my pantry dedicated to all the varieties that I have. But I usually use my tea for caffeine at work or on the weekends. The office coffee machine leaves SO much to be desired, so I usually will choose to go without if it means I’ve run out of tea or the coffee I brought in.

Do you have a well-loved appliance? What way do you make your coffee? Leave a note in the comments to share how you get your caffeine at home.

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