Three bags full

This was not my planned post for today, but I received an email this morning about this and had to share.

Lo & Sons is having a warehouse sale and you all have to check it out. Throw your hands in the air like. you. just. don’t. care. People! Get excited about this. I am, can you tell?

I have been a fan of their bags for almost a decade now. It took me several years to finally purchase, as I was in law school when I first learned about them. I looked at their website while sitting in so many classes… and I signed up for every giveaway I stumbled upon. But I never won, so eventually, I received the OMG bag as a Christmas gift.

By that time my then-boyfriend (now hubby!) was living in Florida, and I needed a great carry-on bag that could handle my books and computer but would be a companion to my carry-on suitcase. I became obsessed. I felt so put-together at the airport, and even if I had to check my carry-on suitcase: never fear! I had a backup pair of shoes in my bag, everything was organized so I knew I had my contact case, and I could conquer the world with that thing.

Flash forward many years, and when I went back to work after having my daughter I hated lugging around my Medela pump bag. I felt like I was screaming “pumping mom” every time I was on the city bus or in the lobby of my office building. Not to mention it only fit my pump, and I was lugging around a cooler on top of it all. I ended up moving the pump to the shoe space in the bag, and then all of my parts and cooler in the main space above. All of a sudden I could easily travel with it, and I didn’t mind (as much) schlepping my pump with me everywhere I went.

OMG and Seville bags

My trusty (maybe 6 or 7 years old) OMG and Seville with the Seville travel shell in front

At the end of my maternity leave, I wanted to get myself excited for going back to work. I had been lusting after the Seville and the way you could change the outer shell of the bag. I loved the purple shell (now discontinued) but knew I had to have black when I was in court or with clients. I also was excited that they automatically came with a travel shell that mimicked the benefits of the OG/OMG bags so I could attach it to my carry on suitcase.

I initially went with the Black Saffiano Leather Seville but that Christmas I received the purple shell (now discontinued). Mine was the larger, 15″ inch bag as I had a large work laptop to take with me everywhere. I am still checking out the Vachetta leather tan shell. It looks glorious and buttery. Wait a minute you say–what do you mean shell?!


Seville bag and shells

Top left is the purple shell, top right is Seville insert, bottom left is the bottom of the black shell, and the bottom right is the travel shell folded


The great part of the Seville is that you can change out the outer cover of the bag. In the photo above, the top right bag is the inner section that contains so many pockets and spaces to keep even the most disorganized person organized (ME). It will come with one outer shell and a travel shell: folded in the above picture so you can see how handy it can be. The straps have a snap that comes undone so you can switch out the shell, and nobody knows that you’ve switched it out. The snap is hard, but it keeps you from having a strap come free while you are lugging around two computers and a stack full of papers.

I also have the black matching smartphone wristlet, which I’m pretty sure I purchased before the Seville. Can’t seem to really remember. But isn’t that a good sign that it’s such a good clutch I don’t remember not having it? I used it as my clutch for a wedding just the other weekend, and I often throw it in the diaper bag, or my larger purse for the day.

Do you have go-to bags that you can’t live without? Or one that you have been lusting after for a while?

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