Favorite Robot Vacuum: Neato is Neat-o

Sorry for the title, I couldn’t resist.

One of the first things I did when my husband and I first moved in together was to buy a robot vacuum. He loves everything spotless, and with two black cats and someone with long hair, his idea of clean was difficult even in a tiny apartment. As I was newly unemployed from the move, I much preferred to research this than actually do the cleaning every day.

I knew about Roombas, but I came across several other brands as well. My final decision was to go with Neato. At the time, there was a couple versions available but I went with a more basic version. It was more expensive than a Roomba, but there were a couple things I was interested in:

  • it was often recommended for allergens and pet hair
  • it would go into corners better than a rounded vacuum (and that is where the balls of fur usually collect)
  • it would “map” a room and then clean in straight lines. Hallelujah.


Our previous Neato and Leo

Our cat Leo loved to terrorize the Neato. (No, I did not switch up the names. He loved to play with it)

My husband was quickly a convert as to how great this invention was. Not only did it keep our hardwood floors clean, but it also cleaned under the couches and bed. Exactly where our cats would often hide through the day. We had it on a schedule to clean at night or while we were at work. When we moved to a townhome, it handled the different floorplan (and multiple floor types) like a champ. I was worried initially that it would fall down the stairs, but it ended up not being an issue.

Then we moved again to a larger house. I replaced the battery, as the original had been used for so many years and couldn’t hold a charge long enough to finish the open floor plan. After a year with the new battery, the motor finally gave in. My husband decided to update the vacuum before I made it home that day–he went to Best Buy immediately and got the Neato D5 Connected.


Our Neato D5 picking up all those toddler crumbs that appear on our dining room rug.

We absolutely love this vacuum for all the same reasons before, but now we have more:

  • It is connected to our phones, so we can start the vacuum when we are not at home
  • I get a detailed summary of where it cleaned
  • After allowing it to map our main floor, I can tell it to stay away from certain areas or rooms by drawing “No-Go Lines” on the map
  • I can tell Alexa to start the Neato

We currently have the D5, but it is a lower version of the D6 and D7. Yet I receive software updates whenever there is a new feature, such as the No-Go Lines, which was added last week for the D5s. For Black Friday this week, Walmart has the Neato D5 and D7 vacuums on sale for $350-540. On Amazon (as of the date of posting, November 21st) they have the D6 on sale for $540. It is worth every penny.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and good luck on your holiday shopping!

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