Daycare/School Trunk or Treat Tips

Here's what you need to know or have forgotten from last year We have been participating in my daughter's Trunk or Treat day at school since we moved to the area. We have come a LONG way. The first year, I couldn't take the day off since I had taken off time to take the … Continue reading Daycare/School Trunk or Treat Tips

Air Travel Tips With Infant – Part Two

So you got to the airport...
Always tell TSA if you are traveling by yourself. 9 times out of 10, an agent will help you fold down your stroller or take it through. The first time I traveled by myself with C they were angels and I about cried because they were so nice. Have your milk frozen so they don't have to test it. Even if you do have liquid milk/formula, they will do a quick test. The test was usually faster than getting the stroller checked.

Air Travel Tips With an Infant

A neighbor flew for the first time with her young kids, and it made me realize just how unique it is that our daughter has been flying almost since birth. Our first trip from Seattle to the Midwest was when she was three weeks old for my brother's wedding. I flew home often during my maternity leave for other events, and now it is even easier with a direct flight from Charlotte. Here are a few of my favorite tips of traveling with an infant.

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Before I was a parent, I never knew what to do for baby showers or kids birthdays. I still have a hard time figuring out older kids--but I have witnessed what works for babes and toddlers. One brand stands out for us is Melissa & Doug. If you have a toddler coming over, a M&D toy is a sure fire hit. Here are a few of our favorites from the brand.

One more cup of coffee for the road

You knew this was coming, right? A blog with caffeine in the title is going to have a post on coffee makers. I am not picky about how my coffee is made... I don't own a french press or one of those fancy drip coffee makers. I wouldn't mind someone else making that coffee, especially if they are sharing! But I just don't have the time.